ITMA 2023 - International fair for textile machinery


08.-14. June 2023 IN MILANO ITALY



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Matchpoint presents new technologies against CSV


For the first time Matchpoint presents the new match#CSV system to reach highest eveness.


diamondTec - high performance diamond finishing machine, suitable for denims, non-denims  & knit applications


In combination with diamondpeach plus 

diamondTec is the strong symbiose for  most effecient peaching performance and  eveness of the finishing result.



diamondpeach plus

The leading diamond finishing technology 

for all kind of sanding machines.


For perfect eveness and soft-touch of 

bottom & shirting fabrics and home textiles 

and other textile fabrics. 

# DRY and WET applications 

# woven and knit fabrics


suitable for all peach/brush machine types:

# drum type machines
# horizontal machines 
# vertical machines

DDF - diamond denim finishing

setting new benchmarks in Denim finishing 

economical / ecolological - stylish and sustainable


Matchpoint devlop DDF together with denim mills and fashion brands to meet the ecological and economical aspects of sustainable denim processing.



DDF is 100% chemical free pre-finishing for flat fabrics approved by major fashion brands.

DDF support garment denim finishing technologies perfectly well. 

# savings of 30 - 50% at denim garment wash. 

    shorter wash process, less water , energy, 

    chemical usage

# supports all wash garment technology like       

    enzyme, ozon, e-flow or other spray systems 

# improved laser processing 

# authentic fabric appearance 

# soft hand feel without softener 

# no basic hand sanding needed anymore 

# reproducible / improved wash process stability 

# improved CSV shadings