diamondbleach® is a real ecological washing result, realized

with our standard lab washing machine and GOTS certified detergents. 

Both trousers are finished with same laser and washing recipe

diamondbleach® is a result of diamond denim finishing® (DDF)

chemical-free DDF cut down emissions 30-50% at garment laundry

Washing facts   -   LR 1:5

rinse wash              10min 

biopolishing wash  20min

3x rinse                     9min

Centrifuge                5min

Tumble dry              45min

Fill / heat / drain    30min

Total                      119min

   no desizing
   no PP or PP replacement
   no enzyme bleach
   no enzyme stone
   no Natrium-Hypochlorite
   no stone washing
   no ozone (wet or dry)
   no softener