diamond denim finishing - the sustainable solution

DDF - diamond denim finishing®  is a chemical-free pre-finish for flat fabrics which support even color-fading and stable soft-touch. It meets all economic and ecological requirements for more ecological manufacturing in surface finishing for Denims. 

DDF - diamond denim finishing® machine diamondTec configured for Denim fabrics. 


Matchpoint's Denim washing boost by DDF solution

  • with DDF it is possible to reduce chemicals usage 30-50% at garment laundry
  • perfectly ecological to get nicest diamondbleach® results.
  • highly sustainable and economical with lower costs at the end
    (no pumic stones, waterless washing)

Denim fashion trends....

Denim trends are coming and going. We want to make sure that the denim industry creates fantastic and ecological fashion and styles in future.

DDF is the sustainable pre-finsihing method to save enourmous wash detergents and auxillaries.

responsibility for our future

It is our reponsability to save our planet as much as we can. Avoiding chemicals in garment washing means to avoid water polution.  

no water / no life