diamondpeach plus
 the leading diamond tool for surface finishing
Matchpoint develop diamondpeach especially for the surface treatment of textile fabrics to create nicest and most even sueding effects. diamondpeach is the perfect sueding tool, it combines outstanding finishing results and highest quality with economic and ecological aspects in one device.
Get the benefits of sueding with  diamondpeach plus.
Matchpoint is an international provider for developing diamond products according to customer demands. We are textile engineers and understand end-users needs in surface finishing and are able to recommend the correct technology according customer machine type and their different fabrics.

benefits of diamondpeach plus

  • we decide to remove the list of the benefits from this place 
  • consulting is most important and must be individual according the needs of the user
  • we are 100% sure to improve your finishing  to reach a higher level

 guaranteed - we will improve your quality

innovation – no imitation

wet emerising

diamondpeach plus for wet application
Matchpoint develop  diamondpeach plus for the fabric treatment in WET conditions.Thanks our advanced technology all users of wet emerizing machines participate by the high and strong quality of diamondpeach which set new benchmarks of life-time in wet emerizing.

supported machines

Environmental care

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diamondpeach plus is the perfect way to combine economical and ecological aspects in a single technology. 
Our clients save considerable resources by reducing the production of 2nd grade fabrics down to almost 0%.
The consumption of chemicals/water/energy is reduced immediately.
In combination with higher productivity and improved machine speeds, diamondpeach guarantees an early ROI and saves on client