about us

matchpoint is staffed by an enthusiastic team of textile engineers who specialise in finishing technologies. Textile processing is our passion; we have been advising and serving the needs of textile finishing companies since 1984.


The world-class capabilities of matchpoint come together to unite our global reach and industrialised assets along with deeply skilled technology and industry professionals.


These factors all focus on generating quantifiable business value for our clients by way of reliable, cost-effective and consistently high-quality services.

We meet the immediate business challenges of our clients whilst simultaneously helping them to define and deliver next-generation innovations.


Our knowledge is based on our training as textile finishing engineers and the experience gained working as head of R&D for a famous German manufacturer of textile machinery and textile manufacturing.

With regard to the specialist requirements of the textile industry, matchpoint provides advice and consultation as well as developing an individually tailored and beneficial solution for you.


Our motivation is to ensure best performance for the key requests of our clients. Thus, to reach these targets, an intensive dialogue and technical consulting with regard to the surface finishing of textiles is desired in order to implement successful collaboration. Together we realise new developments in finishing processes and environmental care.


Our competence is your advantage.

We would be glad if you like to learn more about us and our philosophy.