diamondpeach® plus
diamondpeach® is known as first class product 
for the finishing process of textile surfaces.
Since 2016  diamondpeach® has become a registered trade mark by Matchpoint. Certified users are able to use diamondpeach® for their promotion.
ITMA Milano 2015

diamondpeach plus - innovation better than imitation

diamondpeach plus

is the leading sueding tool in surface finishing for textiles. It combines outstanding finishing results and the highest of qualities along with economic and ecological aspects in a single piece of equipment. diamondpeach® is available for dry and wet emerising process.

environmental care

diamondpeach plus is the perfect way to combine economical and ecological aspects in a single technology. It saves client resources, while protecting flora and fauna as well as the atmosphere.

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matchpoint´s diamondTec sueding / emerising machine

Matchpoint´s new diamondTec sueding machine is made for all kind of woven and stable knitted fabrics. End-user’s get the enormous economic and ecological benefits by using the diamondpeach

technology at our sueding machine.


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matchpoint is staffed by an enthusiastic team of textile engineers who specialise in finishing technologies.
Textile processing is our passion; we have been advising and serving the needs of textile finishing companies since 1984.


Our motivation is to ensure best performance for the key requests of our clients. Thus, to reach these targets, an intensive dialogue and technical consulting with regard to the surface finishing of textiles is desired in order to implement successful collaboration. Together we realise new developments in finishing processes and environmental care.