diamondTec - high performance diamond finishing machine

Matchpoint´s diamondTec machine is developed for the nowadays needs in textile finishing. 

diamondTec machine is the result of Matchpoint's  knowledge and experience in diamond finishing  which we worked out in the last 10 years by serving leading textile finishing mills for their different applications in diamond finishing.

diamondTec diamond finishing machine is designed for high performance production and to create most rich peaching results. of highest eveness.


  • For instants - nicest peach effects on TWILL fabrics diamondTec can be done with production speed of 25-30m/min, compare to other machines our technology becomes 30-50% more effective. A practical production speed up to 50m/min is possible.

diamondpeach® meets diamondTec

sueding equipment for maximum requirements + performance 

 diamondpeach technology and diamondTec  sueding machine is the perfect symbiosis in diamond finishing. 

In combination with diamondpeach plus it is possible to get the most even Soft-Touch at all woven and stable fabrics:

  • bottom wear fabrics


  • shirting fabrics

  • home textiles

  • furniture fabrics

  • artificial leather

  • warp knit - automotive

  • microfibre knit - highelastic swimwear.

Based on Matchpoint's long time experience in diamond technology for textile surface finishing we can offer attractive and competive packages. 


diamondTec emerising machine is the technical upgrade of a high end emerising system which we develop already at SUCKER MULLER HACOBA (SMH) times. Matchpoint's outstanding knowledge in diamond finishing and interest in further R&D show a lot new options for textile finishing mills.

Matchpoint know all kind of sueding systems very detailed and we are able to merge all the positive aspects of diamond finishing together into a new high performance sueding machine.

- highest fabric production speed compare to drum systems

- heavy peach results can be realized in one passage.

- multiflexible system to change the grits within 45 minutes for other fabric construction,

   eg: from bottom wear to  shirting fabrics

- individual drive of each diamond roller to program diverse systems of peach process


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